Formula Green

Formula Green – discovering the future, is a Design Challenge initiated by Indian Society of New Era Engineers to enhance the student's approach in engineering and diploma pursuing students.

The team at ISNEE felt that this design challenge is the need of the hour considering the present climatic conditions of the world where our eco system is perishing very brisk fully.

The main intention of this competition is to design and fabricate a formula vehicle which runs on electric power bound to some specific rules and regulations.

Formula Green

This design challenge has no qualification round. Teams can start manufacturing their vehicle soon after getting themselves registered for the event.

Further, there are a number of tests performed on the vehicle and each vehicle has to pass through all the different stages to advance in the design challenge.

Participating teams should be creative and brisk with the work performed on the vehicles as the manufacturing process will be bound to a certain set of rules and regulations that should be strictly followed.

A successful run throughout the competition will give the participating candidates an extra edge over all other students from various colleges and universities.

Formula Green

The vehicle and associated documentation must be researched, designed and fabricated by the team members without direct/indirect involvement of professional engineers, faculty or professionals in racing.

Proof of manufacturing the vehicles could be asked anytime during the course of the event.

Vehicles designed and fabricated using professional help may be penalized or even disqualified from the event. The decision of the organizing committee in this regard will be final.

Formula Green

Acceleration Test

Acceleration determines the time it takes the vehicle to accelerate along 100 ft (30.48 m) flat course

Skid Pad

The objective of the skid-pad event is to measure the vehicle's cornering ability on a flat surface while making a constant-radius turn. The skid pad layout may be a figure of 8 or s depending on the track condition but minimum track width will be 3m and shortest turning radius 2.5m


The objective of the autocross event is to evaluate the vehicle's manoeuvrability and handling qualities on a tight course without the hindrance of competing vehicles. The autocross course will combine the performance features of acceleration, braking, and cornering into one event.


The Endurance Event is designed to evaluate the overall performance of the vehicle and to test the vehicle's reliability

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